Maker Program

Preschool Enrichment Classes

Classes meet once per week during preschool hours. The curriculum is geared towards 3 to 5 year olds. They go through the design process, learn higher level vocabulary, and practice thinking, planning and problem solving. Even at this young age, children are able to build long-lasting projects with the right materials and guidance. In addition to individual projects, children work collaboratively to create larger displays which can be gifted to their preschool, senior homes, or community institution for public display.

After school enrichment classes for elementary kids

Classes are held after school on site or in a community center. The first part of the class is for instruction and the second part is open lab time. Lab Time is for open making, where Makers tinker, experiment, build and refine. Makers leads this time with minimal guidance from an Instructor.

Kid Businesses

Kitoodle creators offers children a rare platform to sell their projects. Several times a year we will visit local children's business fairs where the children bring items they have made to sell. They can also set up an online shop on our marketplace coming soon where relatives and friends can purchase their items. Through this program, children learn about presentation, creation, a personal brand, and some basics of business.


Bring Kitoodle creators to your Home School class! For each lesson, Kitoodle Creators ships the teacher a package with the curriculum and quality materials. Just unbox the lesson and there is an instant 1 to 2 hours of quality instruction! We need a minimum of 6 paying students to launch a Home School class, and the teacher can also earn some income!

If kitoodle Creators is not yet at your school but you think students would be interested, contact us and we can consider adding your school. We need a minimum of 6 students to get started.


Each workshop starts with exploring the STEM aspects of the project. Children learn the academic aspect and are introduced to basic terminology or tools to be used. They are shown inspirational images and are prompted to think, question and imagine. We use the design process for all our projects. This means they plan and design, build, improve or build again. They learn that failure is ok and is part of the process to getting better. This teaches children patience and the value of quality work, skills that are important to develop regardless of their field.

Below are just a few samples of the types of workshops offered through our program. Each workshop might take 1 to 3 classes. For each project the children choose a purpose; to use, share, gift or sell.


Moss Wall Display

Children will research, sketch and design elements for a Moss Wall project. They will learn the science behind the plants and will assemble both individual and collaborative Natural Wall displays.

Photography Portfolio

Children see the everyday environment differently than adults, and this portfolio will express that perspective. Children will learn basic photography terminologies and concepts while creating an artistic portfolio of photographs.

Cloud Putty

Not only will children learn the chemistry behind this tactile substance, but they can infuse their own scents, colors, and even make this stuff glow in the dark! Then they consider how to package it to make it most appealing.

Give your child the chance to learn more about STEM through creating these in-depth projects!

Other workshops include:
  • 3D Printing
  • Clothing Designs
  • Woodworking
  • Building/Engineering Cricut Projects
  • Personal Branding
  • Stuffed Animal Design Seasonal & Wall D├ęcor
  • And LOTS more!